Zeppin Racing Clamp Type Battery Holder Chassis 2.1mm Set for TC6

Zeppin Racing has released the new Clamp Type Battery (CTB) Holder Chassis 2.1mm for Associated TC6. Racers will be eminently benefited from this newly designed CTB chassis. The conventional chassis design use tape to hold down the battery on the chassis which affects flexibility of chassis. Our new chassis is designated to omit this issue and also providing more freedom of battery location by using the different thickness of foam between the holder and the battery in order to achieve perfect balance of the car for different weight/size of the battery.

Clamp Type Battery Method provides freedom of chassis flex.

Simply release two top screws to replace the battery.
Adjust the thickness of the foam to position the battery.

88mm super narrow chassis.
Enhanced rear end traction by narrowing the rear end of the chassis.


  • Enhanced the thickness, 0.1mm thicker then original
  • Enhanced rear end traction by narrowing the rear end of the chassis
  • 88mm super narrow chassis for corner speed and avoid scrubbing to the ground.
  • The design is aimed for modified class. Providing higher traction all around while balancing with the steering response.
  • Chassis “Free to Flex”.
  • No more flying battery during hard crash.
  • No more tape replacement.
  • Easy to replace battery, just release 2 screws.



  • CTB 2.1mm Chassis TC6
  • Battery Holder Set
  • 2.5mm Battery Carbon Plate Set
  • 1mm and 3mm Foam Tape
  • Screws

For the current 5000-6500mah EP Lipo Batteries, the weight difference can be around 50g. Use around 2mm shims between battery holder and side carbon plate to position the battery outward to achieve the ideal balance.