Zeppin Racing Blue EL Flex Wire Light 1.5M

  • Flexible, it can be looped, bent and flexed into any shape
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable length
  • Lighting area: 360 degree of visible light

  • Color: Blue
  • Length: 1.5M
  • Thickness: 2.3mm (~0.2mm)
  • Working Hour: 3000-4000hours continuously
  • Input: 150VAC 1500Mhz
  • Must use Zeppin DCAC convertor to power up the EL wire (Purchase Separately)
Demonstration of connecting DCAC Convertor and EL wireNotice: DCAC Convertor, battery and receiver are optional and are not included with EL wire.
How to change wire length:Cut into any length to suit your need.

  1. Remove the cap
  2. Cut the EL wire
  3. Put back the cap


Attention: Must wear protecting cap. Losing protection cap may cause EL wire damaged

We recommend DCAC Convertor with EL flex wire light (Purchase Separately).Please click HERE to see more details.
Should you wish to have more color EL flex wire light, please click HERE