Zeppin Racing Digital Tweaker Scale Blue

This professional digital tweaker scale contains 1 LCD main unit and 4 separate scales. The main unit has 4 backlit LCD screens to show the measurements and settings. Each scale is equipped with high precision sensor to greatly enhance the accuracy, in 0.01oz (0.1g) increments. Measurements can be displayed in gram, oz, ozt and dwt. This scale system is designed for serious racers to measure their cars’ weight distribution easily, and make necessary weight adjustment to balance their cars for the best performance.

  • Highly accurate weight measurement in 0.1g increments (equivalent to 0.01 oz, 0.01 ozt & 0.1 dwt)
  • The maximum weight limit for each scale is 500g
  • 4 blue backlit LCD screens for displaying weight measurement and setting the scale, which are easily readable even in low light conditions
  • Measurements can be displayed in gram, oz, ozt and dwt
  • 4 large, easy to clean aluminum weighting surface and easy to use 3 button operation
* Photo for reference only
  • Can measure the car’s front and rear weight distribution, and make adjustment if necessary

Measure the front

Measure the rear

  • Designed for 1/10 touring car, 1/10 and 1/12 car.
  • Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (batteries NOT included)

  • Main unit dimension (length x width x height): 10.4×6.9×2.2cm
  • Scale dimension (length x width x height): 5.2×5.2×1.4cm
  • No. of display on main unit: 4 individual display
  • Display size: 3.3×1.3cm
  • Tolerance: ±0.5g
  • Maximum character displayed:
g 4 digit 0.1 increment
oz 5 digit 0.01 increment
ozt 5 digit 0.01 increment
dwt 4 digit 0.1 increment

Click HERE to download user manual


We recommend customers to use Zeppin Racing (#ZR-S01) Shock Length Limiter to eliminate the compression of suspension affecting by its own weight, which means more accuracy on measuring the weight distribution



This product is protected by 90 days limited warranty against failures that not caused by human errors. Please read the user manual first before operate this scale.