Zeppin Racing Heat Sink with Crazy Fan 30mm (1 Fan Included)

Many of the cooling fans on the market are no longer powerful enough for modern high speed motors and ESCs. This results in affecting your electronics’ performance as well as reducing their lifetime. Zeppin Racing cooling fan features extremely high air flow while consuming less power.


This fan comes with Aluminum Motor Mount for 540 motors. Only 1 fan is included with this product.

  • Up to 8.45 CFM high air flow
  • Up to 20000 hours lifetime (mounted on staple surface)
  • Motor mount with dual aluminum arms for more secured mounting
  • Up to two 30mm fans can be mounted (only 1 fan is included)
Motor Mount with 2 Fans Fan installed at one side of the Motor Mount
Other photos

  • Voltage: 5-7.5V
  • Start-up Voltage: Approx. 3.5V
  • Rated Current: 0.37A±10%
  • Consuming Power: 1.85W±15%
  • Air Flow: 8.45 CFM
  • Spinning Speed: 9000RPM±15%
  • Noise: 37.20dBA
  • Connector: FUT
  • Fan Size: 30x30x10mm
  • Fan Cable Length: 255mm