Zeppin Racing Voice Lap System


Do you know your lap time? What is your best lap time? Have you reached your best lap time? Zeppin Voice Lap System is your solution. Our newest innovative Voice Lap System provides accurate lap time measurement to racers in real time.

With the optional wireless audio transmitter, racers can hear their lap time instantly at the driver stand without walking up and down to check the lap times on the computer.

Suitable for all kinds of track. You can equip the Voice Lap with a tripod to adjust any angle and height level to match with the IR transponder position.


Audio output for lap time, with the optional wireless
audio transmitter connected with 3.5mm audio jack,
racers can hear their lap times instantly at the driver
stand without the hassle of walking up and down to
check the lap time on the computer.

* Wireless audio transmitter needs to purchase separately.
Please refer to the following chart.

Calculates and displays each lap time, time difference comparison with previous laps, number
of laps, total run time, average time, best lap time, slowest lap time. Store up to 100 laps data.

You decide what you need! Connect with wireless audio transmitter, speaker, headset…..
anything to the 3.5mm audio output, whichever you like.

Double IR output power to beef up the signal and minimize
interference. Powerful enough to go through most of the painted
bodies, no need to hang the infrared sender on the car body’s

10 selectable channels available on the transponder to avoid interference with other users.

No lap counting period even signal received.

Build in tripod mount screw hole, convenience to use with tripod. Point the voice lap system to your car at correct angle easily. Tripod included.

Hear a Beep sound when it detects your car passed through.

Interval, Clock speed, IR channel require settings once only. Once the setting procedure is complete, the setting is saved even when the IR receiver is turned off.

One touch track record for quick review lap times anytime.


· 37 x 24 x 7mm (Transponder)
· 125 x 91 x 26mm (Voice Lap)
Package including:
· Voice Lap
· Transponder
· Tripod
· 9v battery
Recommend Accessories:
· Wireless audio transmitter with volume control


Question 1: Can I use one main unit with multiple cars?
Answer: No, one main unit can be use with one car at a time. Example,
if 4 persons running at the same time then 4 main units should
be used on the track.
Question 2: What if there is more than one transponder using the same channel
at the track?
Answer: The main unit will pick up the transponder signal as long as it is
set to receive for a specific channel.
We recommend to place a number sticker on top of main unit.
So that other people can see what channel is taken to avoid
duplicate channel.
Question 3: How does the audio works?
Answer: The main unit has a 3.5mm audio jack output. Once your car is
passed through, it will announce your lap time. Racers can
connect the audio jack, for example external speaker, headset,
wireless audio transmitter.
Question 4: Will you release wireless audio transmitter?
Answer: We wanted to.. but after we’ve done on some development we
found it is not worth it. Racer can simply purchase a high power 50
meters or up (depends on your driver stand distance) wireless
audio transmitter set at online electronic store at low price. We
recommend to purchase one with built in battery and volume
control. Besides, wireless device purchased locally is legit at your
country for radio frequency license.

According to our test, wireless transmitter will have some sort of
delay for transmission. Delay will increase with longer actual
distance. It is highly recommended to use 50 meter or up wireless
audio transmitter to minimize the delay rather than for example 10
meter wireless audio transmitter. As longer distance wireless
audio transmitter has stronger signal.