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Zeppin Racing Aluminum 7075 Upper Clamp -2mm Adj. Roll-center L+R For XRAY T3

These Zeppin Racing Aluminum 7075 Upper Clamp -2mm With Adj Roll-center L+R for XRAY T3, which the inboard upper links have been lowered by 2mm in order to make the roll center higher. Higher roll center will enable racers to have more flexibility on adjustment. In addition, it will also make the car to lean less. Racers may use these Upper Clamp to change the balance of the car as according to their driving preferences and track conditions....
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Zeppin Racing Upper Deck Flex 2.0mm Graphite for T3 2012

Aiming for more steering on the T3 chassis, we deliberately making a narrower top deck to increase the steering especially at the mid corner section. This chassis is made by the best grade 2.0mm thick graphite material, specially designed and optimized for racing conditions.  ...
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Zeppin Racing 2.2mm Flex Chassis For T3 2011

Zeppin Racing 2.2mm Flex Chassis for T3 2011 designed for stock racers who needs to have more traction all around at low traction surface. Special designed four long vertical slot to increase flex while providing more surface to install electronics securely Forgiven handling characistic Minimize rear tire sliding  Smaller turning radius Lowering the CG for better performance 88mm super narrow chassis for corner speed and avoid scrub to the ground 30gram lighter then the original chassis CNC machined with highest tolerance...
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